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Upgrade complete!

(heh...used to hearing that a lot with Lou playing SMAC. Now he's gonna start EV Nova, if he can get away from Blitzballing...)

Well, the upgrade is over. Went well, too.

I'm having a problem though, and it's not related to the upgrade. Using IE 6 on my XP Home OS'd laptop, I can't see my blog entries that go past the right-hand sidebar.

They're all loaded...if I view source, I see everything. And up until recently, if I visited another page, then went "back" to this page, I could scroll to the bottom. But over the last week, it just hasn't been working.

I may have to go back to tables for layout for this site. Besides, it looks so bad in Netscape 4.7, and I have at least one person who visits the site on occasion with that browser. (waves to LM)

So, anyone but me having this problem? My Pop Culture blog was having the same problem, but it's gone. Maybe it's because I only have one entry in it now?

UPDATE 11:03 p.m.: Of course, now that I say this, when I load the page it shows everything fine. I've no clue. It'll probably break again. But it's also good to know that my secret editing link still works...

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I was having that problem in the beginning as well: at least, if I had my blogger browsing screen maximized... if it was slightly smaller, I could still scroll. What someone told me to do was get rid of the

!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"

bit, and yes, that fixed it. There's something funky with the way Movable Type encodes it. That left me with the problem of having the right specifications on my blog, but I kind of wiggled my way through that with the validator.

Of course, the person who was helping me out might have been wrong, but it did fix it!

(Meera points out another busted thing I need to fix when I redo my site design. Sigh. I so wouldn't validate right now ...)

I have have found this site (http://glish.com/css/) helpful in dealing with CSS issues.

Yeah, glish is such an excellent site! If Netscape would get off their can and make a browser that supported standards *and* wasn't a resource hog and slow, I'd go back to using it.

I will try that at home, Meera, thanks! I'm away for the beginning of the weekend, so maybe I'll be able to play around on Sunday.

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