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Review in a few

Well, today is the day for my job audit. I meet with the interviewer (auditor?) at 2:30.

It should go pretty well, I think. I just have to tell her that the job I'm doing now is SO much more than my PCD (Position Content Document, aka Brown's version of a job description). Kate prepped me a little, advised me on what to emphasize and what not to emphasize.

Kate says this is pretty much a formality, but I'm just happy it's getting done. It's been just about a year since my last review, wherein I listed all the things I was doing that were OUTSIDE of my PCD, and in the Sys Admin PCD instead.

Fortunately, if it all goes through, they backdate the pay through the date they received the request. Which unfortunately for me is only January 31. But it's January 31, and not today! So that's good.

Here's hoping! Cross some fingers for me, okay? Or pray if you do that. :)

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Fingers crossed, and I'll pray a little too if that helps :)

I'm envious though, at least something will come of it if they decide you're doing more than your job description. Here they acknowledge that you're doing a lot more, and even change your job description but then tell you they can't pay you any more.

Well, I think one woman at my office who is going through the same process isn't getting a raise. At least it's not likely she'll get one.

Which she's not happy about. But at least her job description will be more in line with what she's doing, and maybe next year she can work on getting more dough.

One of the reasons my audit was so delayed was because there are two or three other positions being reviewed at the same time (we're doing some restructuring in our tech department), and they waited to send them all together.

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