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Las Vegas - Day 6

Thursday, February 21, 2002

Well, true to his word at breakfast yesterday, Lou's dad didn't want to go out for breakfast. So Lou and I got up and walked over to Paris and had a good breakfast. Our waiter wasn't as good as our previous waiter was, but the food was still excellent. We wandered around there for a bit, then walked down to Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, as we had been told by the Kindreds that there was an FAO Schwartz in the shops, and Lou wanted to hit it. We stopped by the Bellagio on the way over, as a water show was just starting. It was pretty cool, and the only chance I was going to be able to get to see it, since our night was full. The shops were cool, unfortunately we had little time. We went through the toy store, and I wandered around through the stuffed animals, then headed up to where Lou was. I went to the third floor, and saw him on the second as I was heading up the escalator. I looked a bit more at the LEGO and action figures (they had a full-size Darth Vader with buttons to push to make him talk, and a LEGO full-size Darth Vader), then we had to head out. I spotted the Hello Kitty Statue of Liberty which heralded the Hello Kitty section, and had to stop to get Paula something. A few minutes later, we continued on and headed back as quick as we could. We were a few minutes late, but they were still waiting for us.

We were heading out to the Sahara, but had to do a stop at Walmart to get contacts for Bobby first. Then we changed the plan, and instead headed to The Castaway for bingo. Lou and Bobby didn't want to play, so Sally, Bob, Kori and I played and lost every round (sigh). Ah well. Lou played blackjack at a $3 table, and was up $40. We decided then that we'd just play there instead of heading to the Sahara, so Sally and I sat down and the others went to the slots. I had scored earlier on a slot machine with the quarters left from Paris earlier in the week (won 120 quarters at a Wheel of Fortune slot), so I staked that. Lou gave me back a $25 chip for the $20 I had loaned him yesterday, and then asked for a $5 chip in return when I was up a little bit, which I gave to him. I left the table up a little, but I don't remember how much. Then it was back to the hotel for a nap before the evening festivities, but I wanted to head to Gameworks and the M&M store to get some candy for our friends. It was $8 a pound for the bulk M&Ms, but you could pick the colors. I got just over a pound of of black M&Ms, and then got a small round box with blue ones in it for Kate, and we ate a brief meal at McDonald's and then came back. I passed out for a bit, and then it was time to go to the Golden Nugget.

We parked and ate (sat in the smoking section, and I had problems at the end. At first, no one was smoking in the area, but it took so long to get our order in that by the time we left there was smoke in the air), and the food was again VERY good. I passed on dessert, and then we hit the Fremont Street Experience, which is very cool and highly recommended. Our Experience was all Motown songs. Then we got a shirt for Jack, as I had recalled his allergies too late to get him some white chocolate. We had a little time to kill, so Lou and I played some blackjack at a $5 table right off of Fremont Street. Lou was up $35 and I was down $10 when it was time to go. Then it was inside to see The Amazing Johnathan.

The Amazing was very funny. I'd seen much of his stuff on TV before, but it was great hearing him in person. He was vulgar and hysterical, and a lot of fun.

We left after the show with only a slot or two played on the way out. I found a "Take Your Pick" machine, but it was a dollar a play, and I wasted $3 that I had in $1 bills. There was also a $5 "Take Your Pick" machine, but I was SO not going there.

I also watched a $50 minimum and a $200 minimum blackjack table, in a separate area so it was through the glass. I think I also saw a $1000 minmum, but there was no dealer at it. It would have frightened me if there had been people playing it! Give me the money, don't waste it!

We made a last trip down the Strip on the way back to the hotel, and then it was crash time again. It was Friday by then, and Lou and my anniversary. Five years...whoo-hoo!


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