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June 25, 2002

Ennis - Letter 2

Dear Kit,

You write music? Oh please do send it to me! I'd love to read it. If you want my Mum to read it, just let me know.

Do you help with the foaling mares a lot? I've seen some foals born when we were in Suthgard. do know about Tali, right? Zentali, my Mum's paladin's mount?...says she won't mate with anything other than her own kind, so she's been living out her motherhood by helping the mares.

Dad came back last week during the night. He tried to be quiet, but I've learned to tell when he's back. I can hear him come in and watch me in my sleep. He's done it for years now, so I just pretend I'm still asleep. He'd get upset otherwise. But he wasn't here when I woke up this morning, and Con was gone too. Natalya is pretending that there's nothing wrong, so I'm humoring her.

Natalya is going to start teaching me magic today. She said I had to know theory first, so mostly book learning to start. But she said if I seemed to understand, she would start with a few cantrips. Like Clean, so I won't have to do all the dishes by hand every night! I don't think Mum and Dad would be pleased about that, but they don't have to know.

At least not right away.

Con had me practice with a sword before he left. I think I like using it over the axe or the maul. Of course, I can barely lift the maul, so that helps.

I am worried a bit about what's going on with Mum. If she's not back by the end of the week, I think I may ask Grandpa Chevik if he can tell me. I think he'd be more approachable than Natalya. She still thinks I'm a kid and have to be protected. I've been with Mum and Dad for years; I know how rough they have it.

I just wish adults would treat me better.

Oh, I'm sorry about that. I thought about crossing it out, but decided to leave it. I didn't want you wondering what I'd written down. But maybe you can understand. My parents are the only people I've had with me all the time growing up, and they've never treated me like a kid. Yes, they kept (and keep!) things from me, but I know that some stuff I'm not ready for, and that they'll tell me later when I can deal with it.

I don't know why they're not doing that now. That's why I think I'm worried so much.

Anyway, please write me back and by the time I get your letter, maybe this will all be sorted out.



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