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May 24, 2002

Kit - Letter 1

Shielday, 5th of Festival, 214

Dear Ennis,

It isnít so much that I hate my name, it just never really suited me. My full name is Kemendur Frasier Celduiniel. The first part means ìfriend of the earthî in Elven, the second part is my motherís surname and the last says Iím the daughter of Prince Celduin. Isnít it just horribly long and fussy?

My godfather nicknamed me Kit because he said when I was born I looked like a little fox kit, with my pointy ears and face. Of course Naneth insists that I be called Kemendur in her presence. She does not approve of nicknames, says it is unseemly for a member of the royal family. If you were to ask me, I donít think she particularly approves of anything.

Things are much more relaxed here in the Pirate Isles. For one, I donít have to go to those unbearable etiquette lessons anymore. I have a much better time learning swordsmanship from Ada Hadrien. He says if I improve enough by next Festival, he will get me my own sword.

I also have a lot more time to work on songs. Do you like music? Right now my favorite instrument is the mandolin. I started writing a ballad based on our parents adventures as the New Eight. I have the first stanza written and was practicing it in class back in Elvenhome when the headmaster caught me. Thatís why I was removed from class and probably why my mother had me come to the Pirate Isles. If youíd like I can send it to you in my next letter.

I have to go now, Ada wants me to watch one of the pregnant mares today, but I will tell you all about the Pirate Isles in my next letter.

Your friend,


Posted by Anne at May 24, 2002 3:09 PM