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May 3, 2002

Kendra replies to Bree

Shielday, the 9th of Kalen


It was so good to hear from you. Your letter arrived on my natal day and it brought back fond memories. Gods but I feel ancient sometimes, especially surrounded by Elves.

I think your move will prove a beneficial one for all of you. I know too well the toll civic responsibilities can have on a family. Things have been rather chaotic since the last time we were together. Now that they are getting older, the twins are feeling the pressures of being part of a noble family.

Alessan, always the more serious of the two, has become very withdrawn. About the only person he even speaks to anymore is his sister. The other person he seems to have formed a bond with is Matsuyama. Do you remember him from our adventuring days? He arrived in Elvenhome in Tempest and Alessan took to him right away. The two of them are studying meditation techniques and some martial arts.

Kit continues to chafe at any attempt by Celduinís mother to make her a proper lady. I canít say that I blame her; court life is not exactly my favorite thing either. Alfirin, however, thinks there are expectations on the child of a prince that my daughter must accept.

Her most recent escapade was being ejected from class by the headmaster of the Elvenhome academy. Seems she was spinning quite a yarn about our old adventures. I think in this one Celduin was defeating six green dragons. She has quite the imagination. I have to laugh when I think of how mundane our life is now. Although Iím sure there are times Celduin would rather face six dragons than the Elven council.

In any case, Celduin and I have decided, or more to the point I have convinced him, that some time away from Elvenhome would serve Kit well. She has always enjoyed visits with her Frasier relatives on the Pirate Isles, so sheís going to spend some time there at our retreat. Her godfather Hadrien is looking forward to it. Heís always had a fondness for the child ever since he nicknamed her Kit when she was just an infant.

I think a correspondence with Ennis would be a wonderful idea. I admit to being a bit worried about separating Kit and Alessan. They have never been apart and their bond is strong. Alessan will have Matsuyama, but I fear that as much as Kit loves her godfather, he wonít be much help to a thirteen year-old girl. Iím sure sheíd much rather correspond with someone closer to her own age.

May the Light guide you on your journey north.

Kendra Frasier

Posted by Anne at May 3, 2002 11:44 AM