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April 30, 2002

Brianna Writes to Kendra


Ladysday, the 2nd of Kalen, 214 T.R.


I hope this letter finds you and Celduin well. Aldren and I are finding time spent in Suthgard to be more and more demanding on each of us, and we're finding we have less time to spend with Ennis.

So we're packing it in. I've asked my sister and brother, the ones that live west of the Northlands, if they'd be willing to take us in for some time. Aldrin and I will have to go out now and then on the business of Kalen or The High Lord, and Ennis can stay with them.

I'd thought about us taking up residence with my parents, but I know they have their hands full raising Colan, and I don't want to be a further burden to them. Besides, I don't think Twin Hills is ready for the children of Bree and Collwyn to be raised in the same place as they were.

Being as isolated as we are up north, I was hoping to ask that perhaps Ennis and Kit and/or Alessan could exchange letters. It would give him news of the outside world, plus also give our children a chance to know each other, since we won't have the easy possibility of visits between Suthgard and Elvenhome, as we do now. Please let me know if you think Kit or Alessan would be interested.

Unfortunately, we're leaving by the end of the week. Tower business, says He. So I won't be able to say farewell in person. Letters sent to me here will be forwarded on to our next stop, though.

May The Lady watch over you and yours, and Kalen guide your steps in your journeys.

Brianna Merrick Penrith

Posted by Julia at April 30, 2002 1:48 PM