After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

A summary of what happened during the game sessions:

May 10, 2002 - Session 31

Sana began to explain her take on the group being hounded by saying that it very well be her husband, named Gartus. She had been taken in by him, she said, when she was naive, and married him unknowing how evil he was. She was able to escape eventually, but the man named Josiah that they had first met when the group rescued Margaret was an associate of his. She also showed the group her wedding ring, which she is unable to remove. She told them she had many wizards and loremasters look at it, but no one could remove it. Well, not without cutting off her finger, which she wasn't willing to do. At least not yet.

They discussed the possibility of Gartus being able to scry on them, either using the ring (which did not show up as magical to spells) or simply knowing Sana. Rylan said that he may eventually be able to use spells to hide her, and possibly the group, from him, but he didn't know them. Eventually, the topic was tabled and they moved on through the night.

A few days later, they reached the edge of the lands the centaurs claimed as their own, and the compass was still pointing them onwards. They bid a not-so-fond farewell to Dasan, and continued on traveling.

A few mornings later as they were settling down for their rest period, Jack spotted something moving through the sky at a distance. Fearing it was a dragon, they pulled out their spyglasses (Jon and Sana each had one) and looked.

To all appearances, what it was, in fact, was a floating city.

Much discussion was had, in which Rylan also looked at the compass, but it was not pointing at the city. They decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up exploring, so began to formulate a plan as to how to get everyone up there, horses included. It was moving slowly enough that it would not signifcantly delay their journey, even if they spent a few days exploring, even though it was moving in the opposite direction they were heading.

Sana and Tallis went up for a look first, to determine if it was really worth exploring. They were the only ones who could fly on their own. They saw high stone walls with entrances at opposite ends of the city (both closed), a dock at one end, and lots of ruin and rubble within the intact walls. It was definitely uninhabited.

So upon their return, Rylan cast fly spells on the horses and Jon, Margaret, using magic, talked to them to calm them down and tell them what was happening (they didn't have Hildegaarde there to speak with the horses like the last time Rylan did this), and the group flew to the city. Jack definitely pointed out that the dock was designed for air ships, not for water ships, so this floating city wasn't just a piece of land that had broken free and started flying on its own. The group set down in the opposite gate area from the dock at first, and debated opening the gate, which had no mechanism to do so from outside. Then, realizing they could just fly over the walls and land without opening the gate, they did so.

They landed in an open area near the middle, and began to explore. And Rylan noticed that suddenly, the compass was pointing to something that was here, locally. Excitement abounded, and they began looking for a way downward, as that was the direction the compass was pointing.

Jack found an opening that hadn't been completely caved in, and proceeded to check it out. Tallis followed him, with Jon keeping a lookout from outside the entrance. The others ranged around, searching, hoping this city was as abandonded as Hildorien was.

But alas, either it had been picked over completely, or everyone had fled, taking their things with them. There were very few items in the city, never mind any that were intact. Sana was most disappointed.

Suddenly, a form appeared on the ground near them. It was Marcasta Ravenhair, the wizard who had been traveling with Finn's Follies. She smiled at them, and looked very intrigued by their surroundings, before asking for Margaret.

Margaret was found, and brought back to the mage. She said that Finn had asked her to find the group, to ask Margaret if she was willing to leave the others for a time. Finn had need of a Priestess of the Lady, and was hoping she'd be willing to come back with her. Marcasta (and Finn) understood that it would leave them without a cleric, but was hoping she'd consider it, if only for a few weeks. And no, Marcasta couldn't be any more specific as to why Finn needed her.

Margaret asked for time to consult with the Lady on her choice, with which Marcasta agreed. It gave her time to trade some spells with Rylan, which she proceeded to do. A short while later, Margaret returned, and said that both she and The Lady were curious as to why Finn needed her, so she agreed to go, though wth reluctance.

Marcasta shrunk down Margaret's horse, and then took hold of the cleric's hand and the horse's mane, and then teleported them away.

Jack, meanwhile, was exploring the dark passage. It went on for some way, and there were spots where, unfortunately, Ezhno's large size would prohibit him from entering. But it was definitely worthy of further exploration.

No quote of the evening was recorded.

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