After the Fall

Part 1: From the Ashes





Game Summaries

A summary of what happened during the game sessions:

April 26, 2002 - Session 30

The group traveled through the centaur lands, using a spell from Margaret to aid them in traveling long distances without getting tired. They arrived, late in the morning, at the home of the centaurs in the desert, a large town set along and inside a sheer cliff face. The group was watched with some surprise as they entered, and given a place in the shade to wait.

Two of the centaur elders came to meet with them, and said they would speak with them later, so the group had some time to themselves. Some brave centaur children came to watch and talk to them, while others tried to talk to their horses. Sana spent some time explaning the differences between horses and people to the youngsters, one of whom was interested in her wings. She sang them a few songs and told them some tales while the others rested, watched, and talked to a few themselves. All in all, the group enjoyed speaking with the children over speaknig with the adult centaurs.

Finally, the time to meet with all three elders together arrived. They were escorted up the cliff face, to a special ceremonial place at the top of the cliff. One of the elders was revealed to be One-Eye, the centaur who had aided Tallis in the past with healing and healing potions.

The female elder heard their tale, and decided she would ask the spirits for guidance for them on their quest, and let them know of any results she had found. After some talk, the elders agreed to grant the group passage through their lands, but said that if the object they sought were on centaur lands, they wanted to have the right to refuse to let it leave their lands, as it might aid their people. Not having much choice in the matter, the group agreed. Dasan Lighthoof was to go along with them as a guide, and to represent the centaur people should the item be found on their lands.

They traveled on that night, and were once again attacked by creatures summoned specifically to harry them. Rylan had a spell in place that should have revealed anything a mile out that they passed, but it did not detect anything. The dog-like creatures were defeated, and the group once again wondered who, or what, was hounding them.

Quote of the evening - "I'll see you after the fight." - Jon to Sana, as the dog-like creatures appeared.

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