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April 2, 2003

Angel: Inside Out

I liked this episode, for the most part. Since there are spoilers as some folk in my area don't get Angel until Friday, I've moved the comments to the extended entry.

Connor can be killed at any time now, thank you.

I had a moment where I thought he could be redeemed. When he listened to Darla and was letting the girl go. And then he listened to Fauxdelia, and I'd very much like to see him gone.

He can not be redeemed from this. He captured an innocent and allowed her to be killed. He LED her to the slaughter.

I love Vincent Kartheiser. He was awesome in Masterminds. But the biggest problem I'm having right now in Angel is they are writing him for shit.

SOMEONE should have mentioned Holtz! You can't tell me that if someone had said - Would this be what your FATHER - Holtz - would want you to do? - that he would still have not been such a frelling idiot?

I know, Fauxdelia pulled all the right strings on the alienated hormone-crazed teenage boy, but damn, does the boy NOT have any common sense? And can they stop with the showing them smooching, *please*?

Now, onto the good stuff. Skip! Skip the Demon is EVIL! w00t! Well, not really, but you have to admit it was cool!

Wes with the bullets! Bulletcam! *does happy Wesley dance* I love my Wesley man!

I liked Darla's reappearance. The juxtaposition between My Sweet Boy from Fauxdelia and My Beautiful Boy from her was very cool. And I was glad that they explained how they twigged to Fauxdelia. So that whole Big Bad thing in Fauxdelia's room was all a setup to get her pissed off. Awesome.

And I'd totally spaced out on Gina Torres being in the post-opening credits. I saw it, was all cool, then forgot it. Then she was there! Damn, but she is hot, and I'm straight! :D

And it looked like Fred's going to be the one who isn't affected by her glory. That'll be interesting to hear explained.

Rating: 7/10. They've had better eps, but the Connor bits in this dragged it down for me.

Posted by Julia at 10:59 PM