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March 19, 2002

Smallville - Nicodemus - 03/19/02

Well, this was a nice change of pace.

Not your mutant-of-the-week storyline, not a whose-affected-by-Kryptonite-now storyline, but one that traces its origins back to the founding of Smallville.

Huh. You mean Smallville existed prior to the meterorite? No way, really?

Anyway, this one started out on the best of notes, and I do mean that literally. Good ole boy Pa Kent, driving his truck, listening to the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard. How can you go wrong from there?

Actually, you can, but they managed to avoid it.

Basic plot summary - long-thought-extinct flower that causes people to lose their inhibitions is stolen from crazy-freak Dr. Harrington, heading for Luthor Sr.'s labs. Man loses control in truck (driving too fast--does he know Whitney?) and crashes, Jonathan goes to save him gets infected. Hilarity ensues.

It was fun seeing Jonathan's lazy side. But even more fun was seeing Lana's uninhibited side. I may be straight, but damn! does that girl have a nice body!

Even more interesting was seeing Pete's dark side come out. Each person lost inhibitions in different ways, and lo and behold! Pete has a dark, angry, vengeful side to him. I hope they do not let this drop.

Of course, when the day is done, no one remembers what happened to them when they were under the effect of the plant. Lana does not remember giving Clark that oh-so-sexy kiss (thump-thump goes my heart!), Pete doesn't remember seeing and hearing Lex talking with Dr. Harrington, much to Lex's relief.

And I can clearly tell that Clark Kent has never played any Amber RPGs. As my husband told me once, and it's become a mantra for me - Wording Is Everything. Lex did NOT lie, Clark -- he just did not answer your question. Just like you did with him a few weeks back, when you lost your powers.

This was a fun episode, if just to see Lana come on to Lex, and he resist, but look like he's having a really hard time doing so.

High ratings here, folks. 9/10. This one was really fun, and worth viewing, even if predictable.

Posted by Julia at March 19, 2002 10:20 PM


OK, colour me slightly cynical. An angry, vengeful black male? That story hasn't been done before... [sighing] The straight-laced going tart? Maybe the fantasies are a little trite?

On the other hand, as obvious as it is, it's still fun to watch, and that's been kind of the point behind the whole show.

Posted by: MT Fierce at March 22, 2002 5:43 AM

Okay, you're cynical. :) What color is that in the Crayola box?

Hell, I was just happy they were doing SOMETHING with Pete. The only time we've really gotten under his skin was with the fat-sucking vampire.

Lana going tart is old-hat, yes. But I still loved it for the reactions by Clark to his crush coming on to him. And the reaction by can't tell me now he hasn't had thoughts of his own about Lana. He's just better able to control them.

Posted by: Julia at March 24, 2002 10:25 AM


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