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March 12, 2002

Buffy - Normal Again - 03/12/02

Excellent episode. But it would have had better/greater impact as a season finale, I think.

As regular visitors may have noticed, I don't do episode summaries, but episode commentaries, with some reviewing added in. Not having taken any classes in comparative literature, or even a simple "How To Review," I don't feel like it would work for me. Besides, there are plenty of other sites that do episode summaries, go read them.

And I should have listened to the Lou mantra. "Trust in Joss. Joss will provide."

Xander came back! Go Xander! I was so not expecting that from the teaser last week, but within minutes of starting up, Xander was back, wanting to make amends and knowing what a dick he'd been. Of course, Anya is gone, and no one knows where she went. Will she return? Who knows at this point, I just hope she comes back soon.

But that was the B-plot. Okay, one of the B-plots. The A-plot was whether or not Buffy was crazy, and dreaming everything around her.

It was good to see Joyce again, and even Hank. I liked the parallels...who would dream a life like that? Superhero sure, but all the pain and misery that goes along with it? No wonder she decided to give in to it (well, it didn't help, what Spike said, though he was right, IMNSHO).

The ending was cool, but like I said, would have been better as a bit more of a cliffhanger.

This episode was only slightly weepy, but still well done. I'm really starting to get sick of the wide-eyed SMG stare when she's trying not to cry. Just get over it already girl. Like Spike sang ... the pain that you feel you only can heal by living. Get on with it!

Overall, 9/10.

Posted by Julia at March 12, 2002 9:29 PM