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March 7, 2002

Angel - Loyalty - 02/25/02

Well, that's a good way to begin an episode! And a great way to set up Wesley's paranoia.

Once again, the Gunn and Fred doing date-stuff on work time comes up. Fred is good about putting Gunn back on track, though. I think she's still feeling the guilt, and wisely so. It's tough mixing business with pleasure.

Holtz is gathering a nice army. I knew Aubrey was a setup before she was with Holtz, but not much before. She knew where her son went, even though she didn't drop him off or anything. If she had said something like, "He said he was going to the pier, I would have bought her story better.

Talking hamburgers. What the frell is next? Well, I must admit, if I closed my eyes, the loa was really cool. But if I watched it, I missed the words in being entranced by the movement of the talking hamburger.

Wes is the lone gunman here. Why can't he tell anyone? I don't understand it. He's lonely, Fred has Gunn, Angel won't understand or believe, and Cordy's gone. Okay, maybe that's why.

I was pleased they pegged Aubrey themselves. She was too obvious, but that's not often noticed in TV shows.

"Wesley's a good man. He'll do the right thing. He always does." Gunn to Fred

And that's going to be his downfall. What he sees as right, and what the others see as right aren't going to match up.

Earthquake, Fire, and Blood. Oh my.

Excellent episode. Overall, 9/10.

Posted by Julia at March 7, 2002 8:47 PM


I would have to say that the talking hamburger was by far the most creative thing I have seen in awhile. Kudos to Josh and the crew for coming up with a clever way to incorporate America's obsession with fast food.

Posted by: yode at March 8, 2002 9:55 AM