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November 1, 2003

NaNoWriMo 2003?

I had originally planned to do NaNoWriMo this year. I find myself with a lack of organization and a tough decision between the book I attempted to start last year, and a romance novel that's been poking at my head off and on for the past six months. Plus, since I'm taking a Writing the Romance course at Brown for the month of November, which is not helping with the "work on last year's book" thing.

So I've made a last-minute decision. For the month of November, I am going to write every day. I may not get the 2k words a day that one needs to make the 50k words for a successful NaNoWriMo, but even if I get the three sentences, it will be writing. MMmmm....words, as they say in NaNoWriMo.

For those of you who are writing...when are you finding the time to write? I've always found myself more creative at night, and more relaxed. But I know other writers write first thing in the morning, presumably after they've gotten ready for work and had breakfast (those who have jobs other than writing). I am by no means a morning person, but waking up at 6:45 this morning (not by choice, it was just when my brain had decided it had had enough sleep), I got to wondering if I could do it, and how I could/should alter my routine if I chose to do so.

Thoughts/ideas/comments welcome!

November 6, 2003

Happy Birthday, Lou!

Happy Birthday to my lovely and wonderful husband. You turn 34 today, and I hope this day, and the future birthdays to come, are happy and healthy.

I love you.

November 7, 2003

I put too much swoop on the T.

November 11, 2003

"In short, Martha, thou art stressed to the max."

The Parable of Jesus, Mary, and Martha Stewart Living.

And please do pay attention to the copyright notice on the bottom of the entry.

November 12, 2003

Sing Blue Silver

Final Score: 80.95

I went through it first once answering what I could, then went back to the top before scoring, and got a few more.

This is only surprising in that I didn't know more, considering my ability to remember anything set to music.

Don't forget to answer the bonus questions at the end, if you know them!

Courtesy of ***Dave.

Farscape to return???

In the OMGOMGOMG category...

...we know for a fact that tomorrow afternoon The Jim Henson Company will host a press conference concerning the future of FARSCAPE.

If not a series, then we can only hope for a movie.

*crosses fingers and toes and anything that can be crossed*

Courtesy of Scapers LJ.

November 17, 2003

We need to get into shape!

Jack, Anne, should we start training??

Blogrolling Hacked

You know guys, it's likely not even her fault Blogrolling got hacked. Give her a break, would you?

Some people are just assholes by nature.

Of course, if it DOES turn out to be her fault...let slip the dogs of war!

November 18, 2003


I've installed MT-Blacklist, since all the cool kids were doing it.

Here's hoping this actually stops the spam!

Sometimes, I just love my state

Massachusetts court strikes down ban on same-sex marriage.

The highest court in Massachusetts ruled Tuesday it is unconstitutional for the state to deny marriage to gay and lesbian couples, a move that could make the state the first to legalize same-sex marriages.

November 19, 2003

What IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Now you know.

And knowing is half the ... ah, crap, mixing my metaphors again.

Courtesy of Slashdot.

Proof that fans aren't always wrong

"Family Guy" may return.

In a sign of the growing importance of DVD sales to Hollywood, 20th Century Fox is considering a plan to resume production of Family Guy, a sometimes crude animated comedy that the Fox network took off the air more than 18 months ago.

And, though I'm sure you've all heard, Farscape returns for a miniseries.

Farscape, cancelled last year by the SCI FI Channel, will return as a 4 hour mini-series.

Now, we just have to make sure that Captain Tightpants gets his day in the sun.

November 20, 2003

Talk about clutter!

Did you know that the album art is somehow stored on an iPod?

I put album art in iTunes using Clutter this morning, on Ginger's recommendation.

And suddenly, Euterpe couldn't hold all the playlists she'd just been holding.

Quoi? I wondered. I removed a playlist, and then my entire iTunes list resynched.

Everything I'd added art to, suddenly was "new" on Euterpe, and needed to be re-added. Adding in more album art later proved that I needed to lose another playlist.

This is just annoying! There is NO WAY to view the art on the iPod, so why does it add to the size of the song?

Not Happy. Other than having almost all my cover art now in iTunes, that is. I'm happy about that.

NP: Tennessee from the album "Fat City" by Shawn Colvin

November 21, 2003

Quotable Teacher

Linguistics, Dancing, and a Few Good Books: Quotes from CS141

A teacher who likes to collect quotes finds his students turn the tables on him, and write down all the funny stuff he's said during the year so far.

It sounds like it's a fun class, with a good teacher. Jeanne, think your kids could get some good quotes from you? :)

November 23, 2003

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

TurkeyCon 2003

Not to be confused with Turkeycon.

We drove all the way down to Cary yesterday, as our original plans to stop in Charlottesville were changed as the guy we were going to pick up couldn't make it after all (yes, that link is relevant...weather delays have caused him to have to work this week on filming in Kitty Hawk). So we drove all the way down, as we usually do. Made excellent time. In fact, with a stop for breakfast and a stop for dinner, plus a few potty breaks along the way, we made it in 14 hours. The driving weather was perfect, and the traffic was quite good. Only a couple of slow down spots and no really stop and go traffic.

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November 29, 2003


The alternative title for this post was going to be - It's Saturday Already???

After being up way too late on Tuesday night (well, Wednesday morning) doing some IM roleplaying, I hightailed it offline until today. Decided I needed a real break from online if this was going to be a true vacation.

Well that, and I worked hard to finish The Eyre Affair so that I could start Paladin of Souls. Eyre Affair was quite fun, and I'm looking forward to diving into the other two when I get home. But Paladin of Souls is just ... amazing. Ista shows once again that Lois McMaster Bujold knows what to do with women who believe themselves past their prime, on the shelf, not good for anything anymore.

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